Published on 03/29/2018 11:47 am
Falls at work are dangerous and closely associated with serious workplace injuries and fatalities. Additionally, certain jobs come with a high risk of injury from a fall. Know the risks associated with your job, and always make safety your top priority.

The National Safety Council (NSC) identifies falls as the third–leading cause of injury-related fatalities. Construction workers are the most likely to faceinjuries from falls on the job, but even those who work at desk jobs encounter some risks. The NSC ranks the occupations that are most closely associated with dangerous falls (based on statistics from 2013):

Construction work

Manufacturing positions

Wholesale-trade and retail-trade job

Transportation work

Warehousing occupations

The National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) also shares important statistics related to falls in the workplace:

Falls account for 5 percent of job-related fatalities for women and account for 11 percent for men (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Falls are the primary cause of days lost from work

Falls are the leading cause of workers’ compensation claims

Falls are the leading cause of injuries on the job for people 55 and older

Causes of Workplace Falls

Any number of factors can cause falls at work, including wet or otherwise slippery work surfaces, uneven or damaged work surfaces, cluttered walkways, and tripping hazards such as bunched or damaged floor coverings. Falls can occur at the ground level or from elevations, the latter of which are typically the most dangerous category of workplace falls. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) reports that 21 percent of all workplace fatalities are related to construction work, which makes it one of the most dangerous occupations. Furthermore, OSHA breaks the specific dangers associated with construction-site fatalities into four classifications known as the “fatal four.” Of these, falls tops the list.

Construction work frequently requires the positioning of workers far from the ground—on every manner of equipment, including ladders, scaffolding, and huge machinery—which makes any falls that take place that much more dangerous. Because construction work is so dangerous and involves heavy-duty equipment, the equipment requires scrupulous maintenance according to strict safety standards—and construction workers themselves need goodtraining in safety practices. Because construction workers face heightened risks when it comes to dangerous falls on the job, every construction company must carefully implement all mandated safety precautions.

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